Client didn’t pay?We send them a letter.

We send a real, physical demand letter to your client
reminding them to pay your outstanding invoice.

  • A real demand letter via mail
  • Written on your behalf, not by you!
  • Takes less than 5 minutes to send
only $12 per letter!

How it works:

Customize the letter in three easy steps

Simply create your letter based on your due invoices or select them from Fiverr Workspace.

We print, ship and track it

W&H prints your letter, sends it to your client and gives real-time alerts on its shipment and arrival.

Client pays you online or via your preferred method

Offer your client multiple payment options.

Send a real, physical letter

We send a real demand letter to your client to remind them to pay your unpaid invoice. It’s automatically printed and mailed, no need to run to the post office or buy stamps.

Track your letter and get alerts

Receive alerts when your letter is printed and mailed. Note: tracking is only available for recipients in the US.

Pick from multiple letter templates

Send a friendly reminder or a stern one. Pick from our pre-written templates that populate automatically based on your invoice information.

Integrated with Fiverr Workspace

If you’re already a Fiverr Workspace member, you can easily send a demand letter straight from the app. Simply select an unpaid invoice and hit ‘send’. We even attach a copy of your original contract and invoice.

What is a Demand Letter?

A demand letter, or letter of demand of payment, is a letter stating a legal claim which makes a demand for payment, owing to the recipients' alleged breach of contract. Often this is used in the case of an over-due invoice.

Which countries can you mail to?

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