A Complete Guide to
Invoicing as a Freelancer

Freelancers need to create invoices in order to get paid. But we’re guessing it’s not your favorite part of the job. We get it—invoicing can be boring, time consuming, and definitely not as fun as actually doing the work you’re getting paid for.

If you’re one of those freelancers who puts off invoicing because it’s no fun, then you’re going to run into trouble with getting paid on time.

That’s why we’re on a mission to make invoicing more simple.

In our complete guide to invoicing as a freelancer, you’ll learn everything you need to know about getting paid for your work—from the very basics like what different types of invoices there are to the important stuff like choosing payment terms that encourage clients to pay on time.

To get started now: you can jump to a chapter that answers your questions or flip through the guide in order.

Take Me To Chapter One
An Introduction to Invoicing
chapter 1

An Introduction to Invoicing

In part one we start with the basics: like, what are the different types of invoices? What should an invoice should like? We cover the specific information that should be included on an invoice and how often invoices should be sent out. If you’re just getting started, this is the place to kick things off.

Learn more about the basics of invoicing
Choosing Payment Terms for Your Invoices
chapter 2

Choosing Payment Terms for Your Invoices

In chapter two we drill down further and focus on how to choose payment terms (with buy in from your client). Find out whether you should require deposits or charge late fees, and how to go about doing both. We also cover the best ways to accept payment for your invoices.

Read about invoice payment terms here
Creating and Sending an Invoice
chapter 3

Creating and Sending an Invoice

In chapter three we talk about how you should actually go about creating your invoices and sending them off to your client. We cover how to choose an invoice number, how to create your invoices, when to send them and how to write an invoice letter or email.

All about how to create and send invoices
Setting Up an Invoicing System
chapter 4

Setting Up an Invoicing System

Chapter four talks about batching your invoicing, how you can track your invoices, and how to choose a software to help with your invoicing system.

Start setting up your invoicing system
Getting Your Invoices Paid On Time
chapter 5

Getting Your Invoices Paid On Time

Chapter five tackles the all important topic of getting your invoices paid, with all of our best tips for getting clients to pay on time as well as what to do if they don’t.

Find out how to get your invoices paid on time
Example invoices
chapter 6

Example invoices

Just want to see some examples of the finished product? Head straight to chapter six to see what your invoice could look like.

See some example invoices here

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